Welcome to My site.

I am an educated Alpha Femme, Femdom, and Mistress. I have an Associates in Nursing and a background in community organizing and mentorship. I have been a lifestyle Femdom and Mistress since 2010 and an Alpha Femme since birth. I believe all women embody the Goddess and reign supreme.  

I am a military veteran, combat metal award winner, and have started two not for profit organizations. I enjoy community connection and social justice. I am wise and street smart. I enjoy a good time as well as discipline.

I am  6'1" in high heels, have 40J breasts, a 54 inch ass, a curvy & feminine hourglass figure, and glamorous model features.  I have been a pin-up, fashion, and lingerie model for many years. I am a pageant queen 3 time over. I am well versed in being lady as well as being a stone cold siren Goddess.  

I welcome to take a look around my site. I assure you there are many answers to questions you might have.

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